When 2 become 1 …

Posts, Transports of Delight

It’s not just a sickly sweet Spice Girls song from the ’90s. It is also what is happening to my blogs! Two are becoming one, as I am merging Transports of Delight into KaitlynPlyley.com. All the content from ToD has been added to this site, so you can have a read through all the archives from here!

But this isn’t the end of Transports of Delight. Oh, no. I will be continuing ToD as a ‘Sunday special’ on this blog. As long as weird stuff continues to happen on buses, ToD will never die.

I’d like to say a big thanks to my loyal followers and readers for sticking with me through this dry spell over the last few months. Thank you! Now that the uni semester is over, I foresee more regular blogging in my future.



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