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“How Taylor Swift recreated, and updated, the magic of ‘Fearless'” – Junkee, April 2021 (link)

“How The Postal Service accidentally created the perfect pandemic album” – Junkee, October 2020 (link)

“Taylor Swift’s ‘Miss Americana’ is a frustrating and complicated look at misogyny” – Junkee, February 2020 (link)

“Taylor Swift new album theories are getting weirder and weirder” – Junkee, February 2019 (link)

“10 years on, how I learnt to stop worrying and love Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless'” – Junkee, November 2018 (link)

“You can’t ‘positive-think’ your way out of disadvantage” – Hot Chicks With Big Brains, Issue #6, June 2018 (link)

“All the drama of Taylor Swift’s ‘reputation’, decoded by a superfan” – Junkee, November 2017 (link)

“How ‘So Fresh’ helped this hopeless teen nerd survive high school” – Junkee, November 2017 (link)

“How the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ video fits into the Taylor Swift universe” – Junkee, August 2017 (link)

“We asked people which empowering movies to watch instead of Trump’s inauguration” – Junkee, January 2017 (link)

“An inconvenience” – Seizure, January 2017 (link)

“The ‘feminist’ advice that is actually holding women back” – The Sydney Morning Herald (republished), January 2017 (link)

“The best films of 2016 (that were never actually made)” – Junkee, December 2016 (link)

“The Hillarys house” – Stilts Journal, August 2016 (link)

“Why celebrity gossip is good for you” – The Vocal (Fairfax), July 2016

“Alan Alda on the importance of science communication” – The Tech Street Journal, March 2016 (link)

“Review: Kinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth” – Disability In Kidlit, January 2016 (link)

“How to talk to sick people” – Seizure, October 2015 (link)

“Reading your work aloud” – WQ Online, October 2015

“What it’s like to be young and on disability” – VICE, August 2015 (link)

“Fashion label finds pain-free business model” – The Tech Street Journal, April 2015 (link)

“Interview with feature poet Scott-Patrick Mitchell” – WRIT Poetry Review, Issue 01 ALPHA, September 2014 (link)

“Does The Wombats’ ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’ glorify stalking?” – Daily Life, January 2014 (link)

“Red pleather” – Stilts, December 2013 (link)

“Inua Ellams: Musical and delicious to the ear” – Waxings, March 2012

“Barry Morgan shows off his organ” – PerthNow, February 2012 (link)


“Foundations” – The Suburban Review, Vol. 6, October 2015

“Wild at heart (a complex woman)” – Filmme Fatales, Iss. 6, August 2015

“Love at first line: a Tinder cento” – The Lifted Brow, Digital Edition (8:1), May 2014 (link)

“There’s Cairo in this city” – The Suburban Review, Vol. 2, February 2014 (link to author Q&A)

Fremantle Poets 3: Performance Poets, Fremantle Press, 2013 (link)

“Glasshouse mountains” – The South Townsville micro poetry journal, February 2013 (link)

“Mulled wine” – SpeedPoets, September 2012 (link)

“The editor’s rap” (Australian Poetry Slam, Brisbane) – YouTube, August 2012 (link)

“New year’s day” – dotdotdash, December 2009 (link)

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