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Kaitlyn is a recent graduate of the 2022 First Break Victoria program. You can find her on the Australian Writers’ Guild’s Pathways First Break portal. Supported by VicScreen, the AWG’s First Break program is run by highly experienced working screenwriters and trains a selected group of talented writers in note-taking, script coordinating and the basics of a writers’ room. Kaitlyn is available to work in your writers’ room.

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In 2021 Kaitlyn participated in VicScreen’s ORIGINATE writers’ seminar and Australians In Film’s Untapped masterclass series.

From 2015-2016 Kaitlyn was one of the regular on-call freelance writers for woody TV, an agency and production company that collaborated with NGOs and progressive organisations to create scripted content. Kaitlyn predominantly wrote scripts for TV commercials but also radio ads and online content. Then-Head Writer at woody TV, Jazz Twemlow, says of Kaitlyn’s work: “Kaitlyn is professional, collaborative, effective, efficient, and the standard of her writing is excellent which is why [we] called on her repeatedly.”

Kaitlyn is currently developing her own projects, ranging from TV comedy series to feature films.


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