‘Mulled Wine’ published in SpeedPoets



Now I’m really catching up on old news. My poem ‘Mulled Wine’ was published in SpeedPoets vol. 11.7 (launched in September). SpeedPoets is a cool Brisbane publication – it’s quick, tasty and to-the-point. To-the-poetry. I am honoured to be included.

Here is the poem:

Mulled Wine

Thrown together with spices
and cinnamon sticks,
we simmer in a saucepan
on a small kitchen stove.

Mulling too long,
we’ll soon turn bitter.
This is just a drink for winter.
The cold drives us in together
and loosens up our hearts.

Warm hands and cool heads
will swirl us and stir us
and finally pour us
in a thick-bottomed glass.

Drink us now,
for winter’s soon passed.
Sip us slow; we cannot last.


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