This blog post from features a great poem about Ipswich. I look forward to the Speedpoets gig on this Sunday! – Kaitlyn


With less than a week to go until the October event, it is with great excitement that I post the feature on the September Call Back Poet, Cameron Logan. Cameron’s impassioned reading of his poem IPSWICH, had the crowd hollering  and grabbed the attention of everyone in the room!

If you want to join Jo Brooks, Carmen Leigh Keates, Marisa Allen, Michael Cohen, Andrew Phillips, Chloe Callistemon & Cameron, don’t miss the gig this Sunday (October 7 @ Brew, 2:30pm – 5pm) as the final Call Back Poet for the year will be named. So bring your finest to the mic and let the words make the air swirl. Sign for the open mic starts at 2pm!

Now, over to Cameron:

Pearl of cities! Depending of course on the value of the pearl in question, whether the value of the pearl is greater than or equal…

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