A crazy couple of weeks


There was no blog post last Sunday, and I’m very sorry about that. Between study, travel, and illness, I haven’t had any space in my head for this ol’ bloggy blog.

Blog posts are probably going to be a little sporadic for a while – I’ve just started a very intense Graduate course, and it’s kicking my arse. It’s made me its punching bag and is throwing right hooks like it’s mad at me. So, it’s a shame but, when everything gets mental, the blog is the first to suffer. (Actually, that’s a lie – the hygiene of my flat is the first to suffer. The blog comes a close second.)

However, I WILL be posting a new story here this Sunday, I promise! Photo courtesy of Yarn

And, if you’re in the Brisbane area, you can come and see me perform a story, live! I’ll be one of the storytellers at Yarn: stories spun in Brisbane on Thursday 16th August. 6:30pm @ Dowse Bar, Paddington. The theme of the night is ‘In Transit: Stories of Going Nowhere’. Gee, I think I can relate!

Right. Back to study …


4 thoughts on “A crazy couple of weeks

  1. This would be for the beginning of your graduate degree in teaching, correct? Good luck! I’m actually a little jealous of those going back to school starting a new career. I’m too comfortable in mine, yet at the same time I want a change. 😦 I’m only 32 and already thinking of a career shift.

    Again, good luck!

    1. Yes, I’ve started my Graduate Diploma of Education. It is full on, but exciting. It’s never too late to start a new career! You know what those studies say, our generation is likely to change our careers six or seven times! Why not hey?
      Thanks for the luck! 🙂

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