Poem: “The Self’s Prayer”

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As performed today at the Perth Poetry Club.

My Self, who art in my head,

hallowed be my name.

My wisdom come,

my will be done

in life as it is in my head.

I give me today my daily fun.

Self, forgive me my sins

as I forgive those who sin against me.

Lead me sometimes into temptation

and deliver me a cheese pizza.

For my person,

my power,

and the glory are mine,

now and forever.

Ah, me.

Had a lovely time (as always) as the Perth Poetry Club today. Chris Arnold and the Scrutineer of Splodge were very entertaining as MCs, and Jamie MacQueen made sure that nobody missed out on the wordy goodness by streaming everything live onto the web. He streams a lot of spoken word events on his livestream channel, Perth Live – brilliant idea, because you can’t always get to everything, but this way you don’t have to miss out.

Jamie – when he’s not Facebook/Myspace/Twitter/texting at a speed that would put sixteen-year-olds to shame – also takes photos, and (finally) showed me his photos from the 2010 WA Poetry Slam finals. Here’s one:

Kate Wilson, Kaitlyn Plyley, David Vincent Smith, and half of Belowsky's face.

DVS, me, Kate Wilson, and ol' Pintface Belowsky.


Written at Janet Jackson’s Poetry Workshop

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The TV starts to blur as my brain fizzes
with the bleak thoughts of a quiet Saturday night.
Tipped sideways on the couch with a downturn mouth,
I wish I’d gone out.
Over the soft sounds of Star Wars,
the Chinese New Year roars from my housemate’s room.
Deep in my personal gloom, I swallow the bitter taste
of acrimony. Because he’s really alright,
and he sat up all night with us on our New Year’s Eve.
I quickly shovel biscuits into my face
to stifle the growth of protests in my throat,
and reflect that Empire really is the best.