Spent last night putting the finishing touches on a new hip hop poem I’ve written – I felt very inspired after interviewing DVS the other day. It’s always energising to talk to someone who lives, eats and breathes writing like that dude. (The interview will be going up on the NYWM blog next month.)

Although I will never be gangsta and I generally abhor thuggery, I also spent about an hour browsing on ThugFashion.com. I may have purchased a few items. I can only hope that I wasn’t funding some kind of gang violence. (I assume that the website’s thuggery is as real as their ‘fake gold’ grillz.)

I do love me a bit of rap, and I find that writing in a hip hop style helps me find a rhythm in my poetry that I never managed to find while ‘counting feet’ in English tutorials. It’s also super fun to sling on my shiny golden jacket.

Last night I (and my gold jacket) won a heat of the WA Poetry Slam, for my performance of “The Bogan Rap” (I’ll post it soon). It’s the first slam I’ve ever won, so I’m pretty stoked! Now I’m through to the WA Finals, which are happening at the Bakery on Thurs 18 November.
Joining me at the Finals will be my esteemed colleague, The Byron Bard. I urge you to check out his website, as he is a master craftsman of words. http://www.myspace.com/a_damn_good_thrashing

Video of my first Cottonmouth gig!

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Check out the video of my Cottonmouth spot here.

It features my poems “No men are islands, but some women are”, “Spheres”, and my first ever original rap.
I am most proud of my gold jacket, which I think is the classiest item of clothing I own.

Check out all the other rad performers on Cottonmouth’s blog, and seriously, go to Cottonmouth, it’s a great event.