Cafe Poet update: Putting poetry on the table


Patrons at Il Lido cafe, Cottesloe, can find poetry tagged on the table vases.

Il Lido Italian Canteen has been kind enough to take me on as their poet-in-residence, and now the fruits of that residency can be seen around the restaurant.

Il Lido decorates its tables with vases of fresh flowers that are changed regularly; some days I’ll be writing under the shadow of purple irises and other days it might be long-stemmed artichoke hearts. They’re just the kind of friendly touches that make Il Lido such a lovely place to go every week.

Now the vases have a new addition: ‘poetry tags’. Every other vase has a tag tied to it, and each tag carries an excerpt from one of my poems. Diners can read a grab of poetry while they eat, and maybe it’ll inspire them to check out some more local poetry.

Il Lido is on the corner of Marine Parade and Forrest Street, Cottesloe. I’m there every week, and I welcome company! To find out when I’m ‘Cafe Poeting’, follow me on Twitter: @perth_massive

After being shortlisted for Australian Poetry’s Cafe Poet Program, I’ve teamed up with il lido italian canteen (in Cottesloe) and will be their poet-in-residence for the next 6 months. Hurrah!

So if you’re ever in Cottesloe, please stop by and have a cup of tea with me! I’ll be the one sitting near a window, scribbling away.

Sometimes I do poems on request, so feel free to ask. If you buy me lunch I’ll write a bespoke poem, just for you. (A nice lunch, mind – not just a muffin or something. C’mon, a girl’s gotta eat.)