Limerick for my 200th tweep


Today I reached 200 followers on Twitter, with a Mr Gavin Heaton (@servantofchaos) being #200! As a token of thanks to him, I offered to compose a celebratory limerick.


Well Gavin, I am a poet of my word. (As are all poets, really – I mean, that’s all we have, just words … Anyway.) Here is your limerick, and please remember that I never promised it would be good.

There once was a tweep named Gavin.
A lot of Klout he be havin’.
So I wouldn’t be sundered,
helped me to two hundred
followers. Now I be laughin’.

Many thanks to everyone who’s followed me on Twitter or via one of my blogs (if you haven’t seen my new micro-story blog yet, check out Transports of Delight). I promise to write a limerick for my 300th Twitter follower, too! Or, depending on the popular response, I could promise to never publish another lame limerick ever again. Up to you guys.



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