Not Much To Tell You

Kaitlyn is the creator and performer of spoken word show Not Much To Tell You, a
fusion of poetry, comedy and storytelling.

Based on true stories from Kaitlyn’s life, Not Much To Tell You examines the small acts, the quiet prejudices and the unspoken power plays that occur daily in mainstream Australia.

NMTTY Summer Nights

2013 flyer for NMTTY at Fringe World

Praise for Not Much To Tell You:

“charming blend of comedy, poetry, personal revelation and small amounts of dorkiness” – The Thousands

“Kaitlyn tells us that the political is personal. She tells us about her own life, foregrounding her own experience; with very real, very undeniable stories owning what she can talk about – and leaving space so that what she cannot talk about cannot be ignored.” – Kieran Swann, Metro Arts

“bursts of poetry amid powerful storytelling” – Blue Curtains Brisbane

“The story she has to tell is no easy one” – The Courier-Mail

“[Kaitlyn’s story] incorporates everything from the politics that govern Australians through to the subtle, unwritten laws each of us have inscribed in our own minds.” – Creative Drinks

“This is a feminist show. This is a laugh-out-loud funny, clever, engaging, charming, accessible, poignant, heart-breaking feminist show. Kaitlyn’s analysis of everyday sexism is as casual as its perpetration.” – Erin Michelle

“A master storyteller” – Concrete Playground

More about Not Much To Tell You at the Metro Arts website



Tits Or GTFO

TitsorGTFOsml2Kaitlyn is the director and co-producer of Tits Or GTFO, the one-woman play that punches the ‘Fake Geek Girl’ myth in the face. The show, written by Woolf Pack’s Rebecca Cheers, is based on interviews with real-life geek girls and performed by Ell Ackerman (also co-producer). Tits Or GTFO premiered at the 2015 Anywhere Theatre Festival, in Brisbane’s iconic Mana Bar.

Praise for Tits Or GTFO:

“a compelling subject” – Jason Lomas, Anywhere Theatre Festival

“simple but clever use of costume pieces … distinct characterisation and voice” – Meredith Walker, Anywhere Theatre Festival

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